Monday, 29 October 2012

My firebelly toads.

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a good half term, I am!
We have got some really cool firebelly toads that we are
Allowed to keep over this half term. We have to feed them 
Lokus which are like crickets! They have bright red fingers
And bellys, the're quite small for toads!

Ps: they are not gross at all!
Pps: thank you mr Loome for picking all of us to be DL's.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Digital Leaders

Congratulations to the following children for your hard work and selection as digital leaders.

Taylor A
Taylor I

It was an impossible task to pick 6 from the 8 of you so I decided to increase the number of leaders and see how you get on. It may turn out that 8 is too many or you don't enjoy it so we will see how things go!

Mr Loome

Saturday, 20 October 2012

What do you know about Hawaii?

100 word challenge

“There’s no time like summer” dad chanted as we(Mum, myself and my brother, Fin), trudged along trying to find a ‘special picnic spot’ he had been to when he was a kid.

“Shhh dad, your embarrassing!” I whispered, but he ignored me.

“Here we are!” Dad exclaimed

 “Lulu, Fin, have a play in the woods while me and mum have a sit down,” so we went to have a play. When we were in the shady woods, a fluffy, flying pig with googly eyes quickly swooped past.

 “What is that?” I stuttered! Suddenly, many unicorns hurtled towards us!
“What is happening?” I yelled

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Philosophy - Empathy continued...

Philosophy - Empathy

100 word challange! I hope u like it x

100 word challange!
'click' i shut the tattered wooden door behind me,with my best marrow at my side.The temprature drops suddenly and my marrow starts to shiver Frantically, i thought she was going to collapse but she went As white as snow instead. Drastically, my best marrow fell to the ground. Still. Very still infact!I started to worry but I cant move either, it is too cold. I shout for help. But nobody comes. I pick her up and take her away, still shivering.I fall to my grazed, icy knees. The next thing I knew I collapsed too,And I close my eyes...

By Georgia!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Katie goes to the hospital

this is katie she is looking after her teddy 
he has a bad earache katie often gets earache too
tomorrow she is going to the hospital to have an operation on her ear
mother is going to stay with katie in the hospital katie helps mother pack their case teddy wants to come too
says katie thats fine says mother the next moring  katie feels a bit worried she is pleased that mother is going with her katie dosent have any breakfast because she must not eat or drink anything befor the operation farther   is staying at home to look after katies baby sister sarha well caome and see you tomorowe he says waving goodbye katie hold mothers hand as they walk dowen along the corridor to the rain bow ward hospital smell funny says katie thats the smell of the medicens they use to make people better says mother when they get to the ranbow ward a ners greats them hello katie says ners let me show you to your bed look thers your name says mother. The bed has sides, so that katie wont fall out. There is a chart at the end of the bed to keep a record of katies tempreture and pulse. "You can put your things in this cupboard," says the nurse, helping Katie to unpack. A little boy called Peter comes over to meet Katie. "Yesterday, Peter had the same  operation as youre going to have," says the nurse. "He's much better now." the nurs puts a name bracelet on katie's wrist this shows the doctars and nures who she is can my teddy have one too asks katie of corse he can says the nurs with a smile come along katie say the nures we need to take her temperature and check your pulse the nurse then uses  a special machine to check katie's blood  pressure she writs down the results on katie's chart the doctor arrives and tells katie and mother about the operation then she looks in katie's ears now i need to listen to your chest with this she says  putting her stethoscope on katie's skin ooh that tickles laughs katie while the other children in the ward are eating thire lunch mother takes katie to have a bath teddy come's to watch when katie is washed and dried mother dresses her in a special grown for the operation stand still while i tie it at the back says mother katie also has to wear a hat to keep her hair tidy soon it will be time for katie's operation the nurse give her some medicen in a little wile says the nurse you will feel sleepy and you mouth might feela bit dry a poter lifts katie onto a trolly and wheels her to the operating room mother teddy and nurse go with her hello katie says the doctora im going to look after you while you have your operting you will feel a little scratch on her hand and soon you will be fast asleep when you wake up it will be all over in the operating room the doctors ad nurses wearspecial cloths and marsks to keep the room clean they even were hats like the one katie is wearing when the operation is over the porter wheels her back to the rainbow ward she is still very tied mother sits beside her holds her hand the nures checks to make sure katie is alright katie wake up and sees her mother for a little while she feels a bit sick a her ear is score the nurse gives katie a drink of water because she is very thirsty katie sleeps well at night mother stays in the hospitaltoo and sleeps in a bed besied her the next day katie feels much better farther and baby sarah come to see her they bring her a present and a card as soon as the doctor has seen you you can come home says farther mother packs thire case and helps katie to get dressed katie say godbye to peter and the other children in the ward thank you for all your help says mother to the doctor and nuse katie is very happy to be home again her room looks just the same its nice to havr you back says farther and gives her a big hug

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

100 Word Challenge


She always does it, gives me that look as if to say "who do you think you are?" 
"I didn't mean to Mrs Bottomless" I cried to the teacher.  She glanced at me and sneers. We were only playing on the ice when I accidently slipped and pushed Natasha over. Honestly, I think she was making a mountain out of a mole hill!                       
          Saturday came and we trudged slowly and silently to ballet class but when we got there, we found Mrs Lazy lying on the floor, was she dead? Suddenly the temperature dropped  and there I was, frozen. I couldn't think anymore, what happened?...

By Elise x

100 Word Challenge

100 Word Challenge

I wake up in the morning and feel the temperature 
suddenly drops and I go to the wardrobe and a
get a bathrobe. I have nothing to do, so I
go outside and I realize i have no socks or
shoes, after I get dressed how I should I go
to my friend and knock on the door, but he
said "no no sorry, its my dads happy day, please
come tomorrow and i'l find some time then."Actually the 
next day his mate said yay you can come round 
mine today,oh no god this is one of my 
worst day im my life.



My poem for literacy

I suppose ive passed him a hundred times
But i always stop for a minute
Look at his head, the tragic head
The head with nobody in it

Monday, 15 October 2012

Results (so far)

The results for the votes so far are as follows:


2 Red
1 White
1 Blue
1 Black
Every other colours have no votes


2 Liverpool
2 Chelsea
Every other team have no votes


What is the best colour?
Please comment who voted for what please.

Best Football Team

Who is the best football team
Once you have clicked on your team put your name on the the box that says sample question 2 and
press submit and then click on make another response.

Little story

One long day i had nothing to do so my mum
 told me to go to the Butchers to get a duck.
So i wandered along And in a corner of my 
eye I saw .......


Swimming Ool

Adam's Poem

Swimming in the swimming pool is where I like to be,

Wearing underwater goggles so that I can see,

Yesterday, before I swam, I drank a cup of tea,

Now the pool is just an 'ool'

Because I took a P!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

My Literacy Poem.

A candy bar

a piece of cake

a lollipop

a chocolate shake

a jelly doughnut

chocolate chips

some gummy worms

and liquorice whips

a candy cane

a lemon drop

some bubblegum 

and soda pop

vanilla wafers

cherry punch

my mum slept in while i made my lunch.

i hope u like it x

Literacy Homework

                         Original glazed, chocolate with sprinkles
                         Oh how I will miss you so
                         In a big white box you were delivered
                         It is so hard to watch you go
                         Although not nutritious
                         You certainly are delicious
                         So now, goodbye my doughnut, goodbye!

  I like this poem because it sounds like something I'd say when I have a doughnut! That and I love doughnuts!!!!

Literacy Homework

School's Out

Girls scream,
    Boys shout;
Dogs bark,
    School's out.
Cats run,
    Horses shy;
Into trees
    Birds fly.
Babes wake
If they can,
    Tramps hide.
Old man,
    Hobble home;
Merry mites,
By WH Davies
I have chosen this poem because it's a fun rhyming and rapping poem!!!

Literacy homework

Hey Diddle Diddle
Roald Dhal version

Hey Diddle Diddle
Were all on a fiddle
And never get up until noon
We only take cash
Which we carefully stash
And we work by the light of the moon

I chose this poem because it is easy to learn and i like Roald Dhal.

What I read at The Commodore

Hey guys! JBSB here
Yesterday I performed at the marina theatre in (I know most of you who've heard me talk about it are probably ripping your hair out but here it is!) DPALet's Go To The Movies as the director (drama part only!) and I went for tea at a local pub called The Commodore. And in the mens' lavatory on one wall it read"It was a woman who drove me to drink and I never had the decency to thank her"

After that when I was getting dessert with my dad above the "bar area" it read "A rich man is a poor man with money"

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Finlay's first words

Finlay's first words

Finlay's said his first word today while my parents were at Alton towers! They were "dadadad!"
He sounds so cute!

Literacy poem x

Little Boy Blue (remix)

Little boy blue,
please cover your nose.
You sneezed on Mrs Muffet 
and ruined her clothes.
You coughed on Mother Hubbard
and now she is sick,
You blew out the fire on Jacks candle stick.
Your sneeze is the reason why Humpty fell down,
You drenched Yanky Doodle 
when he came to town.
Now the mice are angry 
And all the sheep are upset.
In future please use tissues
so no one gets wet!

my literacy home work

the school nativity play

The children were all gathered to perform the Christmas play
They'd been rehearsed they were well versed in what they had to say
The parents were all gathered with smiles and brimming eyes
About to find that Christmas will involve the odd surprise

Joseph and his virgin Mary were first to join the fray
To Bethlehem To Bethlehem on their merry way
Mary said I'm pregnant Jo, I really need a rest
Joseph said - you're not - that's just a jumper up your vest

The Shepherds they were watching as their flock all grazed by night
And suddenly above them appeared a blazing light
First shepherd cried "We're chosen - it's the Son of God I bet"
But was convoked by number two it was a Jumbo Jet

Gabriel was sulking coz he didn't like his part
He wanted to be Joseph, knew the words all off by heart
When he appeared to Mary his face was very glum 'til he lifted up his long white robe and showed the world his bum

The Inn keeper was waiting, he was eager and excited
His parents sat there beaming they were clearly quite delighted
He opened up his door and with a very winning grin
Said rooms - yes we've got dozens take your coat off and come in

The first wise man he told the crowd they'd travelled from afar
The second one assured them that he'd come in his Dad's car
The third he looked confused and with a voice that sounded tense shouted - I know about the Gold but what the hell is Frankincense

And so the play drew to a close in a manger all serene
With bated breath the audience took in the closing scene
Joseph looked around around the room - a silence fell , it's true
He cried 'Our Mary's had a girl- we're going to call her Sue'

Friday, 12 October 2012

Literacy homework

Floob is for floob boober bab boober bubs
They bounce on the water like blubbery tubs
They're not good to eat
You can't cook em like stakes
But they're handy in cooking small oceons and lakes!

From cat in the hat

peas poem

my mum called me for my tea i had chips and peas also nuggets and so i ate the nuggets i shouted because the  peas where touching the chips  


see-saw like a bout
slowly weighing both of you
up and down it goes


D oes things to help others
E verything she dose is fascinating
N ever sad
I nstead she is always happy
S he's beautiful
E very time she thinks of others

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Philosophy - Why do we daydream?

Leave us your thoughts on why we 'daydream' and share your best 'daydreaming' stories.

litracy homework Slicing Salami

The strangest, strange, stranger i met in my life

was the man who made use of his nose as a knife

He'd sliced up salami, tomators and cheese

At the tip of his nose with phenomenal ease.

P.S There are actions aswel.
P.P.S I hope you like it on tuesday.

My class of 23 poem

In my class there are many ,a girl with pigtails her names jenny .Sophie,Laura and sandy  are silly ,Alex,Jack and  Ben pick on Billy .Judy and Sobena giggle all day ,All the boys in my class ,they love Kay .Lilly is pretty and thinks shes a star ,Polly is cleverand is told will gofar .The twins are called Mervyn andJerry Quinn, Sally is tallest and Sarah is thin .Tommy is good looking andabit of a pose ,Rick fights a lot and hasa scar on his nose. Jeff and ken are tough and chew gum ,Patrick is soft and always wants his mum . My name is Emily iam just me !

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


the castle

one day i built a castle
it was wonderful and tall
i built it from my colored blocks
and soon had used them all

but then i saw my playful pup
was giving it a stare
i said don't knock it over
you simply wouldn't dare

he wagged his tail and winked at me
as if to say t won't
and as i left to eat my lunch
i said to him well don't

when i came back the scene was new
it really made me frown
in spite of what i'd said to him
he'd knock my castle down

literacy homework

hairs been cut.Its neat again.
Got socks and shoes on my feet again.
Saddled with a bag as new as my shoes,
I got the mean ol' back to school blues


going on holiday  tommorow after school sooooo excited cant wait this is what i wanna scream right now:

aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sooooo excited lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i know somepeople have heard enough now but sorry lol!!!!

by please reply

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

1st blog

Hey on Sunday at my football match and we won 4-3!!!!!!!! All the the opponents said it was 3-3 but it actually wasn't!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

My Weekend

  My weekend    

 My weekend   , well today I went dancing lessons and tonight I am sleeping round my nannys 
Trommrow I am doing a swimming Gala !  What are you lot doing ?

Friday, 5 October 2012

1st Blog


My first blog!!!!!!!!!!!!I haven't got 2nd post like Ethan, I probably have 50th post!!!!

Hopefully later I'll Play 3D ludo

Vote For The Winner




I will count them up and see who is the winner!!!!!!!!!!!
Votes Close at 9pm tonight


dear Julie and jack i am writing a letter from dolly and me i'm down on the floor quit comfy and dolly's on my knee.she spilled some ink on the paper i do  hope you'll excuse it so i haven't any other so i'll have to use it

dear Julie and jack please come back i think so much about you its a cloudy day and the baby wont play things are not the same withe out   you
dress is torn
my gloves are gone
my petticoat in tatters
i can not use my Sunday shoes
my hat is in hatters
so please come back
dear Julie and jack and bring me some thing jolly
hope you are fine now i'll sign your  sad sorry sorry dolly P.S please help me love dolly

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Another catty thing :)

" your cat is fat"
"no dont tell me that,
My cat is as thin as an empty dustbin!"
" not true not true,
Now this is what you'll do,
You'll work him so he's great,
He'll have a better fate!"
" ok ok now this is what I'll say,
His name is mart and you breaking his heart!"
"ok just sayin needs to lose a little weight,
But I do think he's cute and he's my mate!"

Cookie poem

Cookies  poem

Cookies are fun , cookies are cool waiting on the table for you after school
1 cookie  say your late for school , number 2 say bhooo
I say  do not worry i will be back to eat youuu!!

Nothing At All

My mum gave me some crisps
I looked on the front and it said they were tall
But when I looked inside, there was nothing at all

Some peoples clothes are posh
Some peoples clothes are small
But i prefer to wear nothing at all

On the way to school I walked into a wall
Some might say I was very,very tall
But sometimes people say that i am nothing at all

                                              By Millie and Georgia xxx

COOKIES   poem

Cookies are fun , cookies are cool , waiting on table for you after school
1 cookies say your late your for  late school , number 2 say bhooo !!!
 I say do not be sad i will be back later to eat youuuuu!!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

need a wee poem

jumping up and down running about going out to the park "need a wee wee" what shall i do mum called me in had tea got in the Barth still needed a wee forgot to go to the toilet that night so ax a dentally wet the bet mum went hay wire   so start the day again 

No harm done poem

No harm done

As i went out
 the other day,
my head fell off 
and rolled away.

But when i noticed
 it was gone
 i picked it up
 and put it on. 

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Cat poem

Some cats are big
Some cats are small
Some cats have no fur at all
Some cats are old
Some cats are young
But my cat has a very long tounge!


I have had a great birthday
Thanks to everyone who signed that card to me and my family for my presents. And mr. Loome who gave me a detention plus mrs. Park who sang happy birthday to me and Jodie !

lets sit down pome

walking down  the high street with family and friends asking mum shall we sit down and have a drink no walking for mils can we sit down now no going in and out of shops asking again yes drank a hot drink oh hert my lip too hot so we went home.

doughnut song

Doughnut song

Doughnuts come in many shapes and sizes they come in many colours too,
purple, red, pink, and blue!!! 
When get home from school they'll be on the table for you!!! 
Jammy doughnuts I think are the nicest, don't come in many colours though, not purple, red, pink or blue! 
When you get home from school they'll be on the table for youuuuuuuu!!!!

Monday, 1 October 2012


Heres a made up Ice Cream rap...
"Mum I need a quid coz the ice cream man has appeared, he’s got toffee I love toffee and it comes with a really frothy coffee! Maybe you can have some, maybe you can have some. Oh no he’s leaving hurry up he's going, Ill get dad but he's going mad I'm gonna make him cross, if I don’t get an ice cream…YOUR LOSS!"
By Me and Georgia x


my tummy is full with cup cakes

feel massive
tummy's full
just ate loads
of junk and 
cakes i will be

please reply