Thursday, 31 January 2013


wach this

ha-ha this is so funny

look this is me

This is me and my brother when we where little{hahaha}

Tap exam

Trommrow I have a tap exam with Grace and Isabella . We have to do things that we have done  in our tap lessons. My exam is at 10:55am , but you have to be ther half a hour before . The exam is for half an hour ! Trommrow I will be home dinner also I will be taking grade 2! If you pass , like everybody normally do then me Grace and Isabella will be in grade 3for tap!


this is me,katie and my brother at my birthday tea.I loved that chocolate cake yummy yummy!!!!!!

my brother

this is my brother when he was about 2.he is now 4.he fell asleep like this how funny!!!!!

My dad

My dad has a new web site for his company and it is called Carl Annison Paving  click on here and it will take you to the page


Tomorrow  Rhiannon is sleeping round mine can't wait we are going to do lots of things.I am going to the shops to get sweets,chocolate and biscuits for are midnight feast. (yummy) 

My Cat TWIGLET!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi! Since my other cat Fudge died (he didn't run away, he got hit by a car) :( we have to keep him nice and cozy and try to take his mind off Fudge. So we got down my slinky and he started playing with it, NOW it is his favourite toy! wedfvuih;.'lohj fcexsq
That was Twiglet.
He is soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!
You can just about see his slinky!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Football tournament in Norwich

EEK! I can't wait because today we found out who is going to the tournament and I am!!!!!!!!!!

I screamed as soon as I got outside I have happy butterflies!

Comment if you are going/not going to the tournament .

Thanks, from Georgia xxx

Monday, 28 January 2013

Oh my gosh!!!

OH MY GOSH....on Mondays, I go to a football club at Cliff Park with Gabbi. Today, I think we took a risk of going because we were on a pitch, running about in the COLD!!! Right  now, im in my pyjamas snuggling up on the sofa in my quilt!If I show up tomorrow with chapped lips, you'll know why!😜


Yesterday at Drama I auditioned for Babe the flim . We did it in little groups and have to follow a script . I made annewfriend called Olivia . I would like to play Flythe sheep dog . But I don't think I will get the part because I am new !  Oh by the way Babe will be on April 11th - 13th

Sunday, 27 January 2013


On chicktionary I got 8900 points


Today I went to the pantomime with the guides to watch Dick Whittington and his 'magic cat!'

It was at the Pavillian Theatre at Yarmouth seafront and it was their last show of Dick Whittington and his 'magical cat'.

It was quite good but the audience were really quite and I am always loud so I didn't know whether to shout or not :/ !

My friend, Matilda, got on stage and peeled an orange??!! She got an adorable teddy bear as a prize.

I have to say if your wondering weather the 'Magic cat' was a real cat, it was someone dressed up, but the cat was so cool! She did cartwheels and danced, but she -sadly- wasn't very magic. She just caught a rat so yeah.

Anyway id give it a 10/10 it was a fun thing to go and see!


If you have a pet it can be any thing or about it could you please comment because I find this interesting plus I have 2 fish and they are called bubbles and goggles and bubbles is having babies  



Rhiannon slept round mine last  night it was aswersome later on we are going to see Grace and go to the shops we cant wait yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


last night i slept round emilias we had a party we got to sleep at  3:00 and woke up at 9:00 we are about to have a breakfast mc donalds

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Cakes xx

Hi guys. As some of you know, my mum makes cakes for customers and today, she was making cupcakes in her cake room and i was REALLY bored so i started making cupcakes too!! Here are the ones i made...I like the one with mustache. Please comment on Which one do you like? xx

this is my granddads birhtday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my granddad we are going to Browston hall for tea and Elise's mum is making a cake and it is going to be a golfer how cool

Friday, 25 January 2013

Blog boards...

Hello again!

I was just wondering, who did a suggestion drawing for the blogger board? If so, who with?I did one with Grace and Emilia! I wish you all luck on your examples and I cant wait until Monday to find out!

Weird jokes

Q: What do you call a Fish without an eye? A: A 'Fsh'!

Q. How do you make a tissue dance? A. Put a little boogie in it.

Q.What is at the end of your finger? A. The booa man.

Ant Farm

Some of you might not know what I am talking about  . But there is a show called Ant Farm , it's only on Disney channel . Well Ant Farm has a brand new epsoide on tonight which is 1 hour long . I'ts about Chyna deciding to leave her friends to go  with a pop group! Will she go?

Center Parcs

Me getting my feet pampered!

My birthday cake

Tree trekking


Hey guys, what are you all up to this weekend?

Who likes school? If you do please write a comment and say 'I' or 'NO'.

Thanks xx

Thursday, 24 January 2013

I want to be...

I want to be a parrot
I want to be a carrot
I want to be a bird
The bird that is the word

I need to be some bars
I need to eat a vase
I need to be a man
A man who has a van

But I am me
So let that be
You may think I'm weird
But I wanna grow a beard

I want a moustache
You may say 'GOSH'
But I don't care
Because I am a bear.

My news!

This week, as you may have noticed (I hope!) that I have been ill and off school :( . I have been lying in my bed, very lonely, unable to get up because I am dizzy, weak and , very, very hot,  fevery and lots of other things :( .
Now, I have probably bored you enough with my sob story, so sort of good news, our carpets in our house have been fitted, PLUS our sofa which ( I think personally) look brilliant!!!  My carpet is black, with a sparkle to it (which is beautiful!). Anyway, I have some pictures of the snow, before I was ill!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Me younger and me now!

This is me when i was younger and me now can you tell its me.


I just found these books in my room but one of them is all about me to get into Homefield Nursery.Then the other one is about my Nursery profile all the things I done and drew is in that.Also I found my reception one to.I think Taylor A has one to because he went to Homefield aswell at the same time as mebut I don't know if he still has them.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


To the school teachers I hope that you are all got your feet up and having a break after a noisy  class of mates but just think of the next day a other day a has passed so just think it will be Lynn Grove for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What is every one having for tea ?


I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old round my house!
They're 'sharing' my iPad.... Well arguing over my iPad!
Lulah (3 year old) is getting cross with Tabi (short for Tabitha) because Tabitha (5 year old) keeps playing on subway surf.  I've decided to give them 5 mins each on my iPad and if they don't 'share' then i'm taking it away :) hehe!

The Author's Notebook I

The Spectacular 
Crimes Of 
Sherlock Holmes

One day after foilling "Jack The Ripper" Mr. Holmes and I were paid lots of money. In due course I became a doctor had a country estate whereas Holmes became more drunk, bankrupt and was forced to live on the streets.

Chapter II

Whilst I was walking through London I spotted Holmes attempting to murder Charles Dickens. He was smoking the finest cigar I've ever seen him smoke.

Write in the comments box what you want to happen next.

My pet Millie

I have a rabbit called Millie she is ardorable . Because it has been snowing latly we have brought  indoors. She has been sitting on my lap . I am sorry but I don't have a picture of Millie ! But I will describe her for you . She is black and white alsoshe is 5years old nearly six !  Do anybody else have a rabbit ?

Monday, 21 January 2013

Today I made a snow family there was a mum dad brother sister and 5 babies. (Grace and Georgia mucky is one of them.) I also made a seat a igloo for my dog not for him to go in for him to scratch away at because he keep doing it to my snow men and woman. Oh and I made and play pen for my dog too. 

Me and my brother made sally the snail

Oh my...

Me,Freya,Amy,Daniel,Toby,Luke and Harry, just had a massive snowball fight as well as sledging down the hills at the front of the school. We also put a mini snowman in the middle of the road for it to get ran over!!! They all ganged up on me and pelted me until I was SOAKED!!!! My hair went extremely curly and wet which I hate...


Slippry ice
Nobody likes the cold
Oh yeah it's snowing
Winter is here

This is a little poem it is not very good . Please comment to say iff you like it , don't worry  if you don't like it!


Let it snow let it snow let it snow

lynn grove VA high school

Lynn Grove has not shut for a snow day in 15 years but it has today and it did on friday my brother georgie told me

Sunday, 20 January 2013

super snow sleepover

me and elise had a sleepover a my house at 3 in the morning me and elise went outside got some snow in a bucket then we built snow men INSIDE at 2 in the moring my sister came down stairs and got under my cover i took her back up in the end then we built a den in the frount room hee hee


YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its snowing woo hoo its like 4 inches thick.I dont think theres school tomorrow yay! I so badly wanna build a snowman and an igloo has anyone else biult a snowman or an igloo. Me Grace and Elise attempted to make snow puppies on a sofa, and some on the floor with yarn but we gave up and went sledging on friday down the hill near Graces house.

snow day

wooooo hooooooo its snowing its like a mini blizzard outside (sorry loopster i no you dont want one) do you think we will have school monday 21st or not i dont because its really slippery and it could be dangerous on friday we had a snow day yay 
I love the snow its so fun I think we will have more days off because its really deep. (hope there is enough snow to make a family of snow-men)


I have been reading all your blogs about the snow. I hope you are all having fun. It has just started snowing again, I hope there is enough to help Emily and I finish our igloo.

Me and Rhiannon

Rhiannon stayed round mine for lunch today we had bacon rolls yum! On Saturday Rhiannon is sleeping round mine yay!I cant wait gotta go as we are now going to rainbow bye.

Saturday, 19 January 2013


Today I went to my nanny's for a cuppa and then I had fun with my dad mum said get your P. J's on so I have but now I can not stop itching please help me  my body is red dose any body know any thing about an itchy body.


Yesterday I started making a igloo but it is no very big !  I also played out with my neighbour Olivia and her sister Sophie  we made a snowman . While we were doing that I saw Michal and Kyle and we had a mini snowball fight ! After they had left us alone I went on they sledge it was really fun .  Later my cousin came round , because she was not at school and she had never been on a sledge before so I let her try our sledge ,she loved it  . Today I went out in the snow to try and finish my iggloo but I was to cold !
   Best Friends forever


When I was little I used to get really wound up and hyper when there was snow outside, and I still do!

And when there wasn't snow all year round I used to get upset, and I still moan a little now!


Hiya, yesterday there was loads of snow and we were off school (yesss!) in my back garden I built an awesome snowdog! Me,Elise and grace played on the snow and built half a snowman!
Then me and Freya got our sledges and went down the mill lane park hills on them!!! As we were the 1st people on there we went on the zip line and when we got to the end we just fell off it and face planted the snow!!!! I made loads of snow Angels and random bellyflops into the snow. Surprisingly, I was absolutely boiling!!!!!! There is more snow today so what will I do....

Friday, 18 January 2013

Going downhill

This is me going on my sledge as well going down a hill.

Thursday, 17 January 2013


Hi everyone, who has an iPad? If you do please can you comment to say that you have one. Thanks xxxx

link to primary game go on duck life.

this is me and my brother

This i me and my brother having a face pack.Do you like it?

Centre parcs

Well Sam and I are off to Centre Parcs, Elveden this Sunday for the day to celebrate our friends 40th birthday, Sam is quad biking at 8.45am so rather than getting up early on Sunday morning and driving there we're staying overnight in Barton mills so my question to you all is where is the weirdest place you've ever stayed!!!

Melissa (Sam's mum)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

I really hope it snows please snow please why can't it set on the floor like normal snow does. I really want it to snow because its really interesting and I like making snow men, snow dogs and snow angels. 

                                      PLZ COMENT
My house is freezing our heating is dead so mum went out and got us these plug in heater so we don't
freeze. I don't know why it just broke down WHY HEATING WHY

                            :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


I think harry has gone  CRAZY!!

My Sister's Hamster.

Two days ago at night I heard a big bang and a rattle. I knew it was from my sister's room where she had her hamster, Nibble.

 I crept past the my parent's room and went into my sister's bedroom, a little bit scared. I tip-toed past my sister, Veronica, who was snoring away peacefully, and looked at Nibble's cage. He was going up his metal stairs, onto the first platform where his wheel, food, and water bottle was (And still is!). He had a little bit of his water and then headed back down to go into his soft bed, a little plastic (I think plastic) house with loads of tissue in it that mum got from the pet shop. BUT!! He tripped he tripped and tumbled down and I. He padded slowly to his bed and got in it. I got really scared and started to cry a little because I was so scared. I woke Mum up and she told me she`s going to take Nibble to the vet.

I hope he is ok. I think he will be.

My dog Doogle

My dog Doogle is 7 months old he is golden he has brown eyes a big nose and a long tail.
The reason he is called Doogle is because my dad used to watch the magic roundabout and he love it, and one of the characters was called Doogle. We were going to call him Murphy but when we saw him he was not a Murphy he was a Doogle.

Monday, 14 January 2013

16 children counting

At the week end i saw a TV program and it was called  16 children counting there was this lady she had 16 children and they all went on Holiday it costed  them over hundred pounds and they brought clothes for them as well  that costed them £350 pounds there house was quite tidy the lady  has to pack 16 packed lunches and dose  her ironing every day at the end of the TV program she had 2 more children

My holiday

In April I am going to America with my...

My friend Grace
Her Mum
Her Dad Her Brother
Her Sister

I am so excited I really want to go to Harry Potter world because everyone said it's brilliant.

My cat Dippy attacking me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I woke up and I went to stroke my cat when he attacked me. It really hurt me there was blood all over my hand. WHY DIPPY WHY. Dippy also bit my face. BAD DIPPY BAD BOY.

Michal Jackson

I cant make it another day

I like it the way you love me

Another part of me


Beat it

Behind the mask


Best of joy

Billy jean

Black or White

Breaking news


Cant let her get away


Dirty dianna

Dont stop till you get enough

Earth song

Give in to me

Gone to soon

Heal the world

Hold my hand

Hollywood tonight

Human nature

I just cant stop loving you

In the closet


Keep the faith

keep your head up

Leave me alone

liberainan Girl

Thriller and alot more


007 films

007 films

casino royal

Dr. no



Form Russia with love

On her magestys secret service

For your eyes only

Quantum of Solace

The spy who loved me

Golden eye

You only live twice

Diamonds are forever


Live and let die

Die another day

A view to a kill

Never say never again

The living daylights

The world is not enough


The man with the golden gun


Lisence to kill



my weekend

my weekend by Evie C

On my weekend I went to my nannynuts house for breakfast at 9:00'o'clock.Later on that day i went roller skating with my youngest cousin,Jack,me and Charlie my little brother played limbo and we drew in first place. We had a lovely day out.

Royal Baby

Anyone have an idea what the royal baby is going to be called? Please tell me!!!! 

my weird time at gabbis birthday party

It all started with me straightening my hair... I was Face-Timing Millie on my iPad while getting ready.  My mum was downstairs making Gabbi's birthday cake in her cake room! I got ready then my daddy took me to 'Belles Beauty salon' near Fritton lake, I walked in and my dad left... there was 2 employees working there and one of the looked at me and smiled wildly. i chose to have a face pack and a manicure and when this lady was doing Eleanor's nails, Eleanor asked me if they take the face pack off...before I could say anything, the lady said "Elise knows, she's been here before!" Then when she was doing my nails, I said that I bite my nails and she replied "ELISE, LAST TIME YOU CAME HERE YOU SAID THAT YOU WOULDN'T BITE YOUR NAILS ANYMORE!!!" ................weird!...............


Who loves Adele I do !    Well Adele won a award  last night  this is what she said . I  only came for a night out with my friend and then I come home with a gold award . She won a award  for the best song of the year which was called Skyfall .

What happened this weekend :(

3 days ago my cutest cat ran away,
my dad went out looking for him for nearly 6 hours which was really generous of him but sadly he didn't find Fudge. I am really worried about him hopefully he comes back then I can give him lots of kisses and cuddles then I can feed him lots of food since he hasn't had food for 3 days, unless he has been picked up by somebody and either taken into their house or taken him into their house and fed him lots of food.             Fudge <3

Premier League Table

The league table
No movement1Man Utd222755
No movement2Man City222448
No movement3Chelsea212441
No movement4Tottenham221240
No movement5Everton22937
No movement6Arsenal211634
No movement7West Brom22133
No movement8Liverpool22731
No movement9Swansea22530
No movement10Stoke22-329
No movement11West Ham21-326
No movement12Norwich22-1026
No movement13Fulham22-525
No movement14Sunderland22-525
No movement15Southampton21-1021
No movement16Newcastle22-1221
No movement17Wigan22-1719
No movement18Aston Villa22-2519
No movement19Reading22-1616
No movement20QPR22-1914


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Lollipop xx

I've just had a yellow lollipop and I didn't bite it...  How impressive!!

Saturday, 12 January 2013


When you were little (or now) i know, and admit it, that you...

1. Drew a sun in the corner of the paper
2. Shut the fridge slowly so you can see when the light went out
3. Tried to balance the light switch between on and off
4. Walk in a room, forgot what you walked in for, walked out then remembered.

Please comment if you have xxx

By Elise and Georgia xxxx


Has anybody here ever heard or even watched the cool new TV show, Splash!? I just about watch Splash! every single night that its on and I absolutley loved the one with Joey Essex in!_   _
                         |   V   |
                          \      /


Hi, everybody, I hope you all had a good Christmas, I definately did! Were back to school now, but the year keeps going very quick! Today I am going to Gabbi's party like she said! Have a good weekend!


Friday, 11 January 2013

My birthday party

It's my birthday party tomorrow  I'm having it at
Fritton lake bells beauty it's going to be really
fun Katie,Evie r ,Elise and Eleanor are coming
i'm go to be 11 can't wait after that we are going
home for pizza and watch movies.
And I really want to say to mackenzie thank you
for my birthday present and I'll see you all
when I come back from centerparcs.



This is mine and Daniels prezi on our disease- Smallpox. Hope you enjoy!!!!:-) 

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Toby's mums blog

Everything looks dull now the Christmas tree and lights are down. The house isn't quiet though.  Beginning to think that getting Toby and his brother an electronic drum kit was not such a good idea!  Maybe we need to get some headphones (and soon!)

Happy New Year to all of Toby's friends and Teachers

By Toby's mum



I've got a really cute dog called Maggie as some of you may know, if you don't she is just over 1 year old and is a Doberman cross Border Collie!
This is a photo i took of her.


Sorry that was her walking across the keyboard!
She is absolutely ballistically mad!! Sometimes she acts like a human, eats like a human and sits like a human ! At the moment she is barking at me because i think she has lost her ball under the sofa...

She likes lots of company and LOTS of cuddles!
her nicknames that we call her are:

  • Luggie
  • Lugs
  • Margret
  • Mags
  • Magster
  • Mable
  • Maggot
  • Mag-a-boo
  • Moople
Maggie also has COLOSSAL ears that stick up and when we tell her off she puts them down and walks away to her bed! When she puts her ears down she looks a bit like a Labrador!!!


Tuesday, 8 January 2013


My rhyme about BLOGGING

B   brilliant  blogger
L    like able guy
O    O.K 
G   good looking man
G   great personality
I    incredible bloke 
N   nevers give up
G  good with children

gess who this is mr loome ha ha 

Monday, 7 January 2013


Mrs Oldham was ill today so I had to look after her class. This afternoon her class was starting a new topic - Mexico. Did you know that Mexico has borders with Guatemala, America and Belize? The children were learning where in the world it is compared to where we live.They are going to learn about a small village called Tocuaro. Do you know any facts about Mexico?

1known fact

My cousins friend had a pet snake and she let it out of its cage
so it curled at the end of her bed when she went to sleep the
snake went up to her side and measured her and stared copping 
her so then the people that owned the snake went to a pet shop 
 because the snake was measuring her ready to eat her.

please comment

I bet Toby would like this 

My family are posting some thing on the blog.

After a long 3 weeks off work ,today was back to normal,hard work trying to earn a living for me and my family,happy new year all
Carl Annison

and also i should say that my dad has oped a new web sight  and it is called  
and if is says it is under construction it should be done soon

Butlins holiday

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to Butlins this year. YAY. Who else is going on holiday this year and where are you going PLZ comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks


What i got for Xmas was:

New lap top

Duck what you put in microwave to warm it up

Body cream what smells like sweets

Lip stick 

Eye shadow 

Lip cream 

jewelry maker

Cake pop maker


Fashion book




hama beads 

bath bombs

body wash 


glitter tattoos 



ear rings 

and more 



Star Signs

The Weekly Story

The Weekly Story

The story so far.......
The Tindlebotts are strange creatures! They are nothing you have ever seen! They are like delicate, little pink cheesy puffs. They're eyes are moons that, you can guess, are very, very cute. The smile that stretches across their face is like a ribbon of happiness! They have chubby little arms and legs that are glimmering, crystal purple that allow them to waddle wherever they wish. The Tindlebotts are... ADORABLE!!!

Please can you come up with a adventure to send the Tindlebotts on.


i can make you annoyed really easily (well some of you anyway!)

1. Hello please skip to 5
2. annoyed? go to 8
3. skip to 6
4. go to 7
5. sorry but go to 9
6. jump to 10
7. all i want to say was hi
8. sorry but now go to 4
9. haha go to 3
10. please look at 2