Monday, 26 August 2013

Sports Leaders

Please could all the sports leaders who still have their shirts please return them to school at some point as soon as possible. Also, please could you return your games books but you may keep your whistles!

Hope you're all having a lovely holiday and getting ready for September!

Monday, 12 August 2013

fun xx

Having so much fun over the holidays with family, as you can see... hehe x

This is just another post about wishing you all good luck in your new High Schools, and i'm missing all of you x

I also hope you are all enjoying your 6 weeks off school xx

I don't want to leave Hillside, but i want to go to High School!!

I'll definitely miss this blog, and not being able to write on it :(


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Miss you x

Hello everyone xx
I hope your having a really great summer holiday... I am! I don't want this blog to end :( I've just come back from Majorca, I had a fantastic time!!! I'm really missing you all and wish everybody luck for high school xx 

Bye bye Blog! Xx

Saturday, 10 August 2013

When is the end?

Hi fellow class mates,
Please could someone comment below and inform me on when this beloved blog ends... Thank you and I hope you're have a fantastic summer holiday, best wishes for the journey ahead! xx

last blog

Hi this is my last blog I'm going to miss hillside primary school .Emily and I are making a song up but we can't post it so i need a little help with that.I went round Emily's yesterday it was fun we fed some ducks about 30 came over then we went to potter leisure resort to play bowling that was good Emily's sister one after that we had lunch fish and chips that was good and then went swimming that was the best day so far thanks to Mrs Martins  then today Emily is round and we are having fun I hope we keep the blog up to date I will miss hillside so much thanks to all the teachers that helped us I will miss you loads goodbye xxxxx