Saturday, 30 March 2013

Murphy :)

At the moment my cousins are round and we are teasing Murphy with my brothers laser pen. He loves chasing it as well as longingly trying again and again to capture it in his paws.He never seems to succeed yet he never loses heart! He runs and leaps and bounds all everywhere as soon as he sees as much as a glimpse of a green shine even meters away. He looks extra cute as his eyes go massive as you can probably see in the picture below. I hope you've enjoyed my post (especially Grace! Happy birthday to you for next week :) ) okay, I'll inform you soon, byeeeee :D

Thursday, 28 March 2013


Have any of you been to see Oz. I have its so good I loved it, if you do watch it you must watch it in 3D. It starts in black and white but it gradually gets colourful, at the start its a bit random.

Well sorry if I bored you byeeeeeee

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Burgh Hall

I have just been up Burgh Hall with my mum, Grace, Grace's mum and lots more. It was so fun we played loads of games such as kick post, it, Hide and seek and man hunt. There was loads of injuries I hurt my ankle, someone got their arm stood on, someone bit there lip and someone got their hair pulled. Even though there was a lot of injuries we all had fun.


I am shivering as I write this because it is soooo cold! It's supposed to be the worst Easter ever and the weather conditions may drop to -15! Oh no... I hate the cold! Brrrrrrr!!!


Tomorrow, at 9:00, me and my mum and being picked up by Isabella and her mum. They are taking us to vibe, well me and Isabella are going to sit in reception while our mums do spinning.
I'm not really sure what we will do but I will take my iPad there and I think Isabella will too. I'm quite excited!!!

Easter egg compotation

Well done to Molly and Jake for winning the Easter egg compotation. I hope your all proud of your self's. The ones I saw were really good and cute. A really funny but it was a bit unfortunate thing happened at school today, Mackenzie, Emilia, Grace and I  were standing looking when a egg just rolled off and cracked it was really funny but we felt bad for who ever egg it was.

Well I'm sorry if I bored you Byeeeeeeeee

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

My tooth...

I was wiggling my tooth as its on its last thread and It got stuck on the side! I took a picture of it as Isabella may have seen but I untangled it and it didn't fall out :(

Monday, 25 March 2013

Online revision

Hi all,

I am wondering what your plans are regarding revision over the Easter holidays? I am thinking of running some online revision support sessions or online revision sessions using 'cover it live' or google hangouts.

What do you think? Would anyone be interested? What would you like to work on? What time/day would be best?

Let me know your thoughts and if people are interested then I will run it and show you how to use live writing or hangouts.

Mr Loome

I just wanted to ask...


I just wanted to ask what your ideas are/were for the design your hard boiled egg competition on Wednesday? I won't copy because I have already done mine!

I just wanted to say... Good Luck to everyone!!!

Bye xx

Friday, 22 March 2013

This is for you, Grace!

Grace has asked me to make a poster of a super Murphy. I agreed to this extraordinary thought and made a poster on my ipod! Can you imagine the adventures he would go on? Who would he save? I don't know if he'd save a mouse, do you? If he got stuck, then SURELY he'd need a sidekick! If you have any clever ideas for a sidekick, let me know on the comment bar below! (Wow, I just realised that that rhymes!) :) Ill post soon!

Thursday, 21 March 2013


Yesterday, I was in the kitchen making dessert and I was getting out the chocolate sauce for the Neapolitan ice cream we were going to have. I was also on kik (a messenger thing that I talk to my friends on.) As I was reaching to get the sauce, the cinnamon and a glass bottle fell out. I panicked and quickly picked up the glass bottle because I thought it was going to break. What I didnt know, was how strong cinnamon was! Cinnamon Is extremely strong, so strong it SMASHED my iPad. :( Only one good thing came from this: my iPad has been sent off to get a whole new screen fitted! Yay - well not really yay -

Centre Parcs

Tomorrow I'm going to Center Parcs! I'm going to have so much fun on the new ride! It looks quite scary...
Every year there I was sick because of the salt pool. But now they've got rid of it, yay!



Today I was looking at a bunch of funny pictures and I picked out the ones I found the funniest hope you find them funny. Some of them are a bit a mad but funny. 

I ate to many sweet                                                 Do you like my new smile                   

Nooooooooo I lost                                                             I don't want to go to school

does this colour suit me                                                                                          

Music Concert

 On Monday it was the Music concert  I did two things , this is what I did . I sang in the Choirwe sung Sing and Every Jounery . Then I played thekeyboard and I played with Millie and we played Dance and Clap . I was very tired when I  got back !!!!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Yesterday Jake, Braden and Evie Cooper planted some seed potatoes as part of a competition. The potatoes had to be chitted first ( thats were you let the potatoes form shoots.)
The potatoes have to be dug up on a certain day and weighed, then we send off the results to see if we have won. Wish us luck.
Below is a link on how to grow potatoes
Rhiannon, Evie Rule, Jake and Braden have also planted parsnips, broad beans, garlic and red onions in the planting area. We still have some strawberry plants to transplant into the growing beds and some flower seeds to sow. Busy times to come.
Is there anyone else out there who would like to join the gardening club?

Sunday, 17 March 2013

A car with no driver?!?

I was on way back from my nanna's house in Plymouth (as some of you may know) and on the way home, I was taking pictures of cars that went past. A silver car drove by and I quickly took a picture of it. Here it is. The thing is, it looks like there's no one driving!!! I think the driver must have been foreign because he was on the other side of the car... It looks so funny, hehe!

Katie's party! Such fun

Wow, Katie, your party was REALLY good! I liked diving in and I got on the crocodile around 6 times! I swam under the crocodile and nearly ran out of breath!

The cold shower went on and I got really bad brain freeze! I helped a few people on the crocodile, the music was very up to date! Me and Millie did random dances on the side also LOTS of handstands! Even the boys attempted!

At the end we had a snack and Katie gave us an Easter egg each!!! Yum yum .
I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Katie for inviting me xxx

Thanks x
Georgia xxxxxx

Thank you! Bear with hehe x


I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Katie for inviting me to your party, I had loads of fun!! I only got on the crocodile once! Me and Georgia did loads of handstands and even the boys tried to, but their ones failed. Hehe x. No they weren't that bad!

Thank you soo much for inviting me once again! Katie, can you remember that time I went round yours and we split talcum powder everywhere? Oh that was funny!

Plz comment if you went to Katie's party, or even view it! A massive thank you Katie, I'm glad you invited me!!!!!!!!!

Thank you
Millie xxxx

Katie's party

Yesterday I went to Katie's party it was really fun . I tried to get on the crocodile but I couldn't !!! But it was really fun !! Also the time went really quickly . We jumped in the deep end and dived . Also did piggybacksand went underwater !! That was fun.
I know it's a bit late but I finally found a picture of my cake. Elise mum made it I loved it and now it's all gone  because it was so nice. 

                          Here is a picture of it

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Murphy x

Once again, here's a post about Murphy, that I hope everyone will like.
He has been hopping about lately, plus, this morning I gave him a little bit of milk ( though I probably shouldn't have) by 'accidentally' pouring a bit on the floor to let him happily lick it up while licking his chops every now and again. He hasn't been eating his all his dinners at the moment but I really don't blame him, it looks REALLY DISGUSTING!!! Anyways, he's fine so I shall inform you soon... Bye!

Katie's Swimming Party

Today most of the girls and some boys went to Katie's  swimming party it was great fun there was a giant crocodile,floats and some more things also we dived in the deep end we all enjoyed are selves at Katie's swimming party. after we got dressed we had a bag of crisps a drink and a Easter egg yyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm.  

Friday, 15 March 2013

Maggie diaries

Today I kept eating Georgia's 'red nose'! I spent yet another day in my cage with my bone and toast! Freya played football with me in the garden and I watched Georgia eating her crisps, licking my lips and edging closer to hint her...

Red nose day

Today was Red nose day it was really good fun !!!At lunchtime it was Katie's birthday lunch  we had fish fingers , chips and beans . Then this afternoon we went into the hall and watched  a video  about why we had dressed up in silly clothes   . And trommrow  I will be going to Katie's birthday party at the swimming pool.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Digital leader badges

The digital leader badges are finally here!

To see the new digital leaders badges  Click here

Alien dream

When my brother was little he used to have the same dream loads. He was at my nanny's house colouring whilst my nanny was ironing, when aliens came along. The aliens had little guns with them so they shot my nanny. My brother ran into the kitchen and hid in a cupboard when the aliens came past, at the back a alien was holding a piece of rope with my nanny tied to it.

 How weird is that dream now when my brother and I talk about it we can't stop laughing.    

Murphy x

This post, by the way, is for Grace because she said that she loves my posts about Murphy. ( I didn't do them often because I thought I was like a crazy cat women or something?!) So this is a picture of Murphy under the ironing board and for some reason he looks really flat and I think he was sleeping or something. He says meow now x

Sunday, 10 March 2013

I love my dog so so so much he is the best dog ever. Some of you might know my dog Doogle at my sleepover everyone was playing with him I think he misses Millie, Eleanor, Elise, Evie c and Georgia. 

I love my dog so so so much he is the best

Thank you

  I just want to say thank you to all the people who came to my party I had a great time I hope you had a good time too and thank you for all my present. I am going to have a big   shop  because Elise got me a 15 pound gift card to Claire's, Evie got me a 10 pound gift card to Claire's, Millie got me a 15 pound gift card to Claire's, Georgia got me 5 pounds and a necklace and Eleanor got me lots of soap. So thank you for all my presents I am really happy with all my presents.  



I went to the Lodge today it was so fun.We played lots of B.I.N.G.O.

I love going to the lodge because its so fun.

If you ever get invited to the lodge i would go because its fun and there and lots of children there.

Mothers Day

Emily gave me my Little Miss book for Mothers Day today. She said I was Little Miss Kind. I hope all your Mums enjoyed theirs as well.

Isabella's party.

It has been sooooo fun these past two days (Saturday and Sunday), because we went round Isabella's house! At 1:30 and a lady called Ria came round and painted our nails and put on face packs. Afterwards, we went to bough hall for dinner. Me, Georgia and Eleanor had a MASSIVE burger and, as a dare, we ate Tabasco sauce... A big risk (it is sooooo spicy, it literally burns, we had 3 drinks!) We came back and, well, we stayed up. Me, Millie and Georgia, were the last ones asleep but we finally got to sleep at 3:50. I had soooo much fun and so did everyone else!!

Isabella's cake that my mum made...
Millie Roper laying on the bed with Ria applying her face pack...

Saturday, 9 March 2013

One direction (1D)


What is your favourite band comment it pleasex


Tonight I am have a sleep over with
  • Elise
  • Georgia
  • Millie
  • Evie c
  • Eleanor
and me

We are going to have so much fun. I text Elise and she said she had seen my cake she said it was lovely but she wont tell me what it looks like. 

My dream....

Last night, I had a really strange dream. I was in a cafe with Millie and Isabella. We all had a roast dinner and a raspberry milkshake. We were walking to school, down Mill Lane, when my mum rang me. I picked up my phone and talked to my mum. She said that I should meet her in the cafe and by this time Millie and Isabella had run off! I sauntered into the cafe, with a guitar in my hand, but m dear mother wasn't there. I searched around and guess who I found, (if you said 'her mum,' you are wrong) ZAYN MALIK!!!!!!! - in case you don't know, he's out of One Direction - he said hi and I said hello back. I gave him a great big hug and tiptoed off. Only to find my dear mother standing fiercely in the door way. I scurried along to her and looked up. She growled. Suddenly, she turned into a colossal bear, furry and terrifying. I dodged her and ran outside...

That's it... A little strange right? Bye x


'CRASH' the ancient china plates smashed. Chelsea, the ten year old schoolgirl, was fed up. They were moving houses it was too much hard work.
"Muuuum," she howled. "Yes, Chelsea,"replied her mum.
"Can I go and play outside in the woods?"
"Yes, come back at noon though darling."

Beautifully, she skipped down the road and into the woods.
Two mysterious pathways appeared. One looked perfectly normal, and the other one looked bewitched...

Chelsea dared herself to trudge along the bewitched one and saw a colossal troll approaching her. She ran...

Maggie diaries

I've had a very good week so far...
This morning mummy and Freya gave me some of their leftover porridge! Yum yum.
I was a bit hyper and then Georgia and Freya went out to school. I was left in my cage but I like it now! I sit behind the door of the cage waiting to go in like a good girl!
When everybody came back, Georgia did a few tricks with me then we played... Georgia made up this game called rollies!
She rolls the ball through the coffee table and I catch it the other side and bring round to her!
Mummy played with me next and we played the game that she made up called upstairs and downstairs! I stand at the top of the stairs and mummy throws the ball to me, I have to catch it and roll it back with my nose!!!
After all of this playing, I fell asleep. When I woke up mummy,Freya and Georgia took me for a walk at mill lane. I met a doggie friend called Ollie, he doesn't need a lead to go anywhere even crossing the roads! I have it to get there and then mummy takes it off and I'm free!
I have din dins and then go to bed.

Today was a brilliant day! Byeeeeeee x

Friday, 8 March 2013

Doogle's day

Hi it's me Doogle again today I woke up and went out side to play I had fun
chasing all the colourful birds. Then I went in because I heard Isabella coming
 down the stairs I go mad when I see Isabella. Today for breakfast I had sloppy
 food I love it, it always tastes like meat. After Isabella had gone to school I went
to sleep I love my sleep because I always have good dreams. Then mummy came
back and loved me then she went to pick Isabella from school. After mummy had
 picked up Isabella I decided   to annoy Isabella by stepping on her laptop. Next I
 went to sleep again after my little sleep I played with Isabella for ages. Then I
went to sleep that was my day it was mostly sleeping but sleeping is good.
                           Byeeeeeeeee talk to you soon

Poem about Miranda Hart

Oh Miranda,
My dear reader chum,
I'd go with Gary,
Maybe he's the one!
Stick with ol' Stevie,
She'll be by your side,
bear with, bear with,
I think you should have lied!
Oh such fun,
Like soap in a shower,
Ohhh where is it?!,
Under the tower!
I meant to do that,
As I went up the stairs,
I've done too much dares!
A horse dog breeder,
Wow how strange,
But that's what you said,
So please don't complain!
I'm coming to the end,
I hope you miss me
As I will miss you!

Miranda you are such a funny role model! X I've sent a letter to you as have Millie and Elise! Please comment x

Millie Diaries!

Hiya guys, I will be doing some Millie diaries because I have no animals and so I only have myself to write about soo, off I go!

Hi, today I woke up to a screaming mum and a angry brother. They were trying to wake me up. I just stayed in bed pretending I was asleep. Don't you just hate it when you are sleeping nicely and then...... MILLIE, WAKE UP! Sooooooo annoying! Anyway getting on...

I eventually got up because I got a bit annoyed . I'm sooo not a morning person. I got dressed and sleepily went downstairs to munch on my bagel.

Half an hour later, I prepared my lunch box. I trudged back upstairs and scrubbed my teeth. I quickly tied my hair up because we hardly had any time left.

We finally left for school and dropped my brother off first and then me.

You know what happened in Year 6, don't you? So there is no need to explain!

Thx for reading this, well if you did read this! I will do one on maybe... Sunday. Bye xxxxxx


Hiya guys,
As you may well know, I am in love with Miranda (not in that way) and I always recite things that she has said on her series of 'Miranda'. I just wanted to know, who else loves Miranda? If you don't, who's your role model?

Lovely talking to you all, bye x


At the moment, Murphy is staring right at me (in the picture below) ,I am listening to 4music (LUV IT!!!) and labyrinth is on!!! Im sooo glad its Friday! This is a Random post. Hmmmm what else can I say? Well I now have tea - which is chicken- so I'll see ya! Bye :)


My birthday should be next Friday can't wight Emily should know because she is the birthday minder my birthday is on red nose day   and my birthday lunch is on Friday on next Saturday it is my swimming party. I would like to say have a nice sleep over at Isabella's party  

Mothers day

Oh no I have not got any thing for mothers day what shall I do because I cant to moon pig any more has any body got any ideas for it. I wanted to make it a good mothers day but I cant please help me I thought I was supposed to be a kind child but I cant do it because it is to hard I feel like to cry?


I'm soooooo excited because me, my dad, my mum, Nixie (my sister) and Darsie (my other sister) are going to the Black Rock tonight... I'm so excited because I've never been before. We are going out for tea because on Sunday, it's Mothers Day. I'm going to make my mum some cupcakes on Sunday as she has lots of cakey things.

My cat Dippy

My cat Dippy has a infected ear and he has a burst blood vessel. His ear keeps going all puffy so if it goes puffy again he will have to have a operation. Poor Dippy I hope he gets better soon.



                   I am really sorry you could not watch that video I posted.
                   I got rid of it because there was no point of it being on
                   the blog if no one can watch it. So I will try and post it
                   again it might not have posted because I had no internet
                   connection. I hope it will post next time and you will be
                   able to watch the video its so funny.  


This is all about rabbits by Emily   and molly
Do you think these rabbits are cute or
not? Molly thinks they are so sweet just
by looking at them. Emily thinks that they are so cute . I have a bunny she is so cute


in july or something im going to a big festival called Lattitude
im already looking forward to it
me, my mum and my sis always have tons of fun and laugh are heads of.

anyway, my mums Welsh friends are coming this evening, Sam and Richard.
Were gonna play Pictionary and lots of other games.


There are so manys people bitrthdays in March

11th: Evie C
sorry if i missed anyone

My Birthday party

                   Tomorrow it's my birthday party I can't wait.
                  I am having a lady come round and do our nails then we
                are going to Burgh Hall for dinner. After that we are coming
               back to mine for a sleepover. The people who are coming are....
               Vicki is making my cake.

  • Elise
  • Georgia
  • Millie
  • Eleanor
  • Evie C
  • Grace 
          And me   


Thursday, 7 March 2013

Doogle's day

    Today I played with my squishy, nosey, soft and loud toys.
    I always take them out side with me and leaving them out
    side. When I had played with my toys I went to sleep for 
   1 hour. When I woke up mummy was rubbing my tummy  
    that really tickled me hehe. Then I had my dinner it was
    sloppy and squishy at the same time. I find it lovely but
     my family finds it yucky. Then Isabella came back from 
     Lynn Grove at 6.30 I gave her a big lick on her face.
     Next I had my tea got to go its my bed time bye.

          Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee talk to you soon


well done

Well done to the four people that got chosen by Mr loome Georgia,Elise,Millie and Eleanor I  think that you four are very sensible  at doing stuff and are sending Mr loome the messages that are suppose to be don't know when you are going but there is a letter going out on Frieda but have good luck  


I have made a poem about my dad

My dad is so bouncy just like a tramper lean he just can't stop bouncing.
When he is in the swimming pool he just could not stop bouncing in the
water so when the little children got in my dad jumped in and all of the
water came out 

bye the way this is not true 

Digital Leaders... YAY!

hello as we were told in class today , me, Millie, Elise and Eleanor are going to Norwich to do something... i don't quite know what yet! It is quite strange that all four girls were picked and we are all close friends!!! I also feel quite sorry for the boys who didn't get chosen :( Those are Michal, Taylor A and Taylor I.

Hehe Maggie just took my lollipop out of my mouth... I got it off her and threw it in the bin! Sorry i just changed the subject a bit! Anyway i've got to go as my tea is nearly ready. 
Bye my dear reader chums!!! (A Miranda Hart phrase, im a big fan!)


As some of you know I am the only year 6 in the choir !!! But latly I have had to keep going to Choir because our concert at school is on Monday !!! The next day is singing in the Choir again because it's the St Andrews Festival !!! Wish me luck

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Maggie diaries

Today I was left in the cage :(
A baby human friend came round and I liked her very much! I walked on Cobham field for a long time then came back home.
I had a lovely dinner!!

Doogle's day

Today I woke up at 6.30 because it was Isabella's birthday so she woke up really early.
They locked me in the kitchen because they were opening Isabella's presents.
 After they had opened Isabella's presents they let me in the living room I went I bit crazy with the wrapping paper. 
Next Isabella had her breakfast she had these lovely hoops of honey. When Isabella had finish her breakfast she
went and got dressed. Then Isabella left for school so I was on my own until mummy got back. When Isabella got
 back from school my nanny's came round and gave me lots of love. Then I went out side to explore the wonderful garden I have been in there before but everyday it seems to get better and better to explore. After
 I had been exploring  I had my sloppy diner Isabella said it smelt funny it was lovely though. For my
 afters I had a bit of cake from my nanny and Isabella it tasted lovely. After that my nanny's went home
 and I went to bed.

                                                 Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee talk to you soon



Today its my Birthday These are some of the things I got.....

I phone4
Laptop case
Makeup box
Nail vanish
A top
and lots more

My nanny's are coming round later to have tea and give me my presents
                  so far I have had a good Birthday


We have got two matches coming up next week girls!
Ones woodlands and the other one is wroughton.
We need to score a goal this time as we've never done so before!
Practice your hardest during the time we have.
I'm the team captin so I have to encourage the team as much as I can and also keep an eye on the best player in woodlands...


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Our toys

Hi guys I hope all of you finished your toys. I did but it went wrong all it does is spin around it was supposed bob up and down. Also did yours go to plan and were you proud of the finished toy.
Mine at the end looked really cute but one of the ducks head keep popping off.

                                             Sorry if I bored you all


Doogle's day

                           Doogle here

Today I slept a lot because mummy went to lunch. I had the most weird dream ever I am going to tell you my dream. So I was out side playing when a bug came along and it started to play with me how weird is that? When Isabella got back from school I nicked her packet of crisps yum I got told off. After that Isabella went to dancing and mummy went shopping. When they got back I had my dinner it was lovely then I went to sleep.

                          Byeeeeeeeeee talk to you soon 

Murphy diaries

Today, mummy and Ellie woke up, and I went and attacked their toes sticking out of the fluffy cloud cover they call a 'duvet!'
Ellie went and had some little precious puffs in milk, and some toasted velvet slices! Her and mummy went out of the door so that means that I can go to explore in the juicy jungle grass plants!!! When mummy and Ellie were about to leave, Ellie gave me a cuddle, but I had to spring delicately, yet quickly out of her arms because a colossal, robot that makes growly noises that mummy can controls, went past! Mummy was out for a while so I jumped around gracefully and glanced at my old friend Mia. I think I upset her because I used to really annoy her by bopping her on her nose! Its not my fault! She kept trying to boss me about! Now she doesn't come in my jungle, she stays in her jungle! 😺🌾☀ When mummy finally came back, mummy gave me my sloppy slop food that is yummy/yucky at the same time!!! After a full delicious meal, I felt like lying in a warm spot. I found on just about in the middle of the precious cloud duvet and started washing slowly but carefully on my paws, face and tail. I found my eyes slowly closing, closing slowly...
BANG! Ellie, Joe and mummy were back!!! I gave them a positive little nuzzle and started getting very excited because I had my gloppy slop !( I know it doesn't sound nice but I was very hungry!) So here I am now typing on Eleanor's ipod! Ooh here she comes now! I better go or i'll be in trouble! Byeee xxx

By Eleanor Burns

Murphy x

This is my cat Murphy (as probarbly the WHOLE CLASS know!)
Here are some facts about him:
1) He is over a year
2) He is a tabby ginger (obviously)
3) He is cuddly and lovely
(If your wondering, the picture above is ACTUALLY Murphy!)
4) He sits on your lap if he's feeling lovely and puts his tail up!
He says byeee 'meow!'

wiggles day

wiggles day out

I slept and at 3 I had some food because nanny fed me

it was a brilliant day


Today ellie is at school she is coming round evies rules with me.Nobody knows but she is my imagenary friend . You can just ask me to se her ok bye

100 wc the car stopped suddenly

Me mum and Daisy were in the car then Daisy started crying . " Shush Daisy mum is trying to concertrate on driving " Mum said  thanks Emily . Then the car stopped sundenly in front of us was a flock of seagulls . Then mum beeped the horn and they all flew away . I was so glad that she did not run over them .

Monday, 4 March 2013

Maggie diaries

Yay! I got a new doggie friend named tramp at dog training, he was a stray in Spain and defended for himself until he was rescued.

I was very sleepy today says mummy... My din dins was very tasty but Georgia and Freya said it smells! I found that very annoying.

Anyway I've got to go as I smell somebody's dinner... Byeee

{}_ {}_{}

Here are some jokes you might find them funny but to me they are not funnt at all


Q: Why did the teacher get her eyes tested?

A: Because her pupils were acting crazy!

Q: What do you call girl with a frog on her head? 

A: Lilly!

Q: What do you get when 1,000 strawberries try get through the door at one time? 

A: Strawberry jam!

Some of these jokes are not very funny I got them off a website. 

Doogle's day


                                            Read this please
Today all I done was sleep, play and go in the garden. Mummy left me at home to go to a place could Tesco, Luckily it was only until 10:30. Then mummy was with me until 3.00 then mummy went to get Isabella. Isabella shut me in the kitchen because she had to practise a thing called a piano. Next I had my diner yummy yum yum. Soon I will go to bed.
                           That was my day

Look at this face how cute


Lynn Grove

My mum recieved at email saying that I got into Lynn Grove which im really pleased about. But I already knew that because my mum got a sneak peak of who got in and it said I got in but so did some of my friends but she would not let me see who.

Lynn grove!

I already know my way around the bottom floor of Lynn grove! Especially the library and the hall! I hope nobody gets lost but lynngrovers lead you in the wrong direction!

Good luck everyone...........

Sunday, 3 March 2013


Today Katie went out what I call (swimming) when she came back for some reason she had wet hair I don't know why? Katie had a lovely fried breakfast it made my air ways rumble .Then she went to a camp fire (I just like my water beaning warm) Guess how I am?


 On the news it said that a man was in bed and he went though a hole in the ground. His house was surround  by them. But where did the holes come from? . Also it said that they have found him but they don't know if he is a live or not.


Interviewer: There Are 500
Bricks On A Plane. You Drop One Outside. How Many Are Left?

Applicant: That's Easy, 499

Interviewer: What Are The Three Steps To Put An Elephant Into A Fridge?

Applicant: Open The Fridge.
Put The Elephant In.
Close The Fridge.

Interviewer: What Are The Four Steps To Put A Deer Into The Fridge?

Applicant: Open The Fridge.
Take The Elephant Out.
Put The Deer In.
Close The Fridge.

Interviewer: It's Lion's Birthday, All The Animals Are There Except One, Why?

Applicant: Because The Deer Is In The Fridge.

Interviewer: How Does An Old Woman Cross A Swamp Filled With Crocodiles?

Applicant: She Just Crosses It Because The Crocodiles Are At The Lion's Birthday.

Interviewer: Last Question. In The End The Old Lady Still Died.

Applicant: Err....I Guess She Drowned?

Interviewer: No! She Was Hit By The Brick. You May Leave Now.

Lynn Grove

I got a letter yesterday and it said that im going to lynn grove yipee I cant wait im joining the rest of the gang its very sad to hear that some people arnt going to lynn grove.

Indoor athletics competition

I did an indoor athletics competition yesterday and I done these events:
2 lap
foam javerlin 
standing long jump
I really enjoyed myself
I came 3rd  in my heat for the 2 lap.There were so many people doing the 2 lap there were 10 heats and only 5 could go in the final I was 1 second off getting in the final :(.In the standing long jump i came 9th out of 22 and in the foam javerlin I dont know what I came.It was so fun and my mum said I done really well because I havent done a competition for ages.

Cliff Park

My mum received a letter saying my school references, the top one was Cliff Park so I'm guessing I'll have to go there. The good side is that my mum wont have to keep driving me (well for her anyway) and my sister said she doesn't get as much homework as she used to! Still, I'll miss my friends. We have ages away though (kind of).

Lynn Grove

Yesterday I got  a letter saying that I can go to Lynn Grove, I very pleased because when I went to opening evening it looked really good andthought I would like to come here !!! At least I don't haveto go  anywhere else

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Digital leaders...

Im a bit worried that I might not get in to the digital leaders trip we are doing. We will meet the original digital leaders and feedback the information we got back to you. The trouble is...
There is only 4 people going and in total there is 7 people!!! I doubt I will get in :(


In tesco there were cheese testers and the one I picked was:
Cheese that had pickled onion and chive in, BEST CHEESE EVERRRR!!
I even sneeked two more pieces!
The other one I tried was absolutely disgusting, it was:
Cranberry and fudge cheese,
That was the worst cheese ever. I nearly was sick!

Sausage rolls.

Hello, me again!
Today I also made a bunch of sausage rolls by myself... What a success! They turned out exactly how I planned it to be. They also tasted GORGEOUS! Here they are:

Lynn grove...

Just saying that today when texting my friends on kik, everybody was saying they've got a place in Lynn grove,
I started to panic as I didn't receive any information so I thought I wasn't in...
But then dad got a text from mum saying to tell me that I've defiantly got a place!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!

Dance pony dance

This is so funny this is on TV comment if you like it. It is a bit like doing the moon walk    

Makes you think x

If a plane crashes on a border between France and Germany, where do they bury the survivors?

Quite tricky x

me and Emily

Hi its Evie here and I went to tesco express with somebody called Emily and we got skittles, buttons,chewing gum and randoms.On the way back Emily kept trumping and this man was following us and Emily got freaked out(it was so funny).Emily kept asking me are you ok so i said yes and she said Bluey(emilys scooter)couldnt keep up with my scooter.

Lynn Grove

I am so happy my mum just got a email saying I got in Lynn Grove yay. I'm really happy to hear that most of my friends have got in Lynn Grove too.

Quite a easy one

Hi guys,

Here is another one of my questions:

There is a horse in a stable. The horse has a bundle of hay. In another stable, there is another bundle of hay 20cm away. The horse is tied to a 15cm rope. How does the horse get to the other bundle of hay?

Btw there is only one horse in the hole farm!
Bye x

Hard to work out!

Hi guys,

I have always been struggling on this question! At night, I have been trying to work it out but I just can't! Here is the question!
The fox, the chicken and then corn are all on one side. They all have to get to the other side but if the fox and the chicken go over at the same time, the fox will eat the chicken and if the fox goes over with the corn, the fox will eat the corn. If the chicken goes over with the corn, the chicken will eat the corn.

I forgot to mention that they all have to go over safely to the farm. How do you do it?

My Amazing Day!

Hiya guys,

I have three good news! Here they are

1. I have just made homemade meringues!
2. I have got into Lynn Grove High School!
3. I have just recived a Blue Peter Badge!

Plz comment to say if you have made meringues, got into Lynn Grove or have got a Blue Peter Badge! Thx guys, Bye!!!

Lynn grove

Oh my goodness, I just got a letter saying that I have been accepted to go to Lynn Grove High School!!! I'm so excited that I got into that school because I wanted to go to that school, but I'm quite nervous because:
1) I haven't EVER moved school before
2) I dont know what high school is like though my brother informs me often.
3) I really dont know if I'll like it! Everyone says I'll love it but I'm still not so sure.
Congratulations to everyone else who got this letter (comment if you have), good luck if you haven't got this letter yet and if you dont live in this area then good luck for whatever high school you want to go to.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Doogle's day

                     Doogle's day  
Hi I am Doogle today I was left on my own because mummy went out with my nanny. When mummy got back she went strait to get Isabella from this place could school. When they got back  I think they went to the shops because they got me 3 new toys. I had so much fun playing with my new toys. 1 of my toys was a hoop it got stuck round my head it hurt so so so much. 
                                 That was my day 
                                By Doogle 


.... The car stopped suddenly....

 "Go and get in the car, Jordan." Mum bellowed.I slipped on my cream pumps and jumped in the car, waiting for mum. She sauntered into the car, slammed the door and fastened her seatbelt. We drove around for an hour. Then, the car stopped suddenly. I felt dizzy and faint. I tried to move my arm but then I realised that we had flipped. The whole car had turned. I pulled my arm free but as I turned to look, I had no arm, just a stump . Blood dripping everywhere and tears rolling down my tender cheeks... What happened?

By Elise 

my friend

I have a new friend called Ellie but she is invisible. To day Katie and I went to the park we had loads of fun . Later on Katie and I went up stairs to have a chat. Katie said to me that she cant stop thinking about BOYS
in her class. Ellie said to me she can do my homework for me because she knows Mr Loome at are school
(how wired but strange )  so Katie an I had a fun day at school making are toys.


On Monday me and Millie are playing at theSt Andrews Festival and we are going tobe playing the keyboard !! Wish us luck . Oh we got juged to see if we all play together . And if we know what we're doing