Tuesday, 25 June 2013


I was thinking what style of eyes I should do out of these ones I drew earlier:

Sunday, 23 June 2013

My Story

Fred and the Nut Thief

Have you ever wondered what happens when you stop a squirrel getting to its nuts? Well, I can tell you, it ain't pretty.
          Fred the squirrel was the last of the red squirrels. Brave was the word to sum up Fred, courageous as well. He had a box- which was no ordinary box- it was his nut box. It contained all the nuts he ever collected  (he was quite a collector). It had a nut pattern on all of the sides with a squirrel head which sat there glaring at anyone who passed it.
          One day Fred was doing his weekly count up of his nuts:
"Ninety-eight, ninety-nine, ONE HUNDRED!" boomed Fred, "That's more than my normal take."
He was very proud of his colossal collection- it was bigger than anyone's in the very poor Tree Village.
          It was, until that fateful night. The sky was as black as Fred's toast (and I mean really black) and the stars were... well, they weren't there. That could only mean one thing... the feared Squirrel-Burglar. He was a brown squirrel who always wore a black mask, also as black as Fred's toast. He didn't have a tail- it was cut off when he was small (a long story).
          Fred snored. Really badly. You could hear him from a mile away, it was like the buzz of a thousand bees, whose honey was taken away from them. However, if he didn't snore, that would alarm the police straight away, like it did that night. once they came the thief was long gone. You can guess what the burglar took. The Nut Box. All one hundred nuts gone. All that was left was a muddy paw print.
          That was all the police-squirrels needed. They were clever, almost as clever as Sherlock Nuts. All they did was a couple of tests on their high-tech computers and they had the results.
"I need to go to the loo!" burst Officer Nuts quite randomly and with that, ran off.
          Concurrently, the chief was about to give the results. He coughed for their attention, passed them to Sherlock and then he began.
"I...I can't believe it." stammered Sherlock.
He passed the results back to the chief.
"Adam Nuts!" he exclaimed.
"To the toilets!" Fred screeched.
          Sure enough, Mr Nuts was in there trying to escape out of the window. He was arrested in due course and the box was recovered, however Mr Nuts had put a new lock on and a difficult one at that. Fortunately, Sherlock Nuts was passing by in his usual criss-cross paterned hat with a matching cloak around his broad shoulders.
          Fred handed Sherlock the squirrel headed box. Once he had worked it out, it was quite obvious. The clue that was left was: How many nuts can you put in an empty box? Of course the answer was one.
          "One." Sherlock said and like that the monsterous box lid popped open like a coke that has been shaken up too much. Inside was all one hundred nuts. It was all over, until he came across a clue to where the Nutty Hallows lie...

The End.

Hope you liked it. :-)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Birthday

My birthday is coming up soon (Emily should know when!) on the 24th of July. Im having a birthday lunch too! It is on the last day of Hillside as well so im not going to be very happy :(

X or Y?

I'm in Y,Mr Corby's form. Millie's in X :( (I'm really gonna miss u moosh xxxxx)
I'm glad I know a lot of people in my form and there is another Georgia!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Movie Marathon

Today, my two sisters, me and my mum stayed in... We watched ALL the 5 Twilight films in a row (it took 10 hours!) Chocolate, sweets, popcorn and cheesecake were involved in the day and so was hot choccy!! It was so fun and the films were awesome... There were some gruesome bits in them - like pulling people's heads off- but other than that, I loved them!!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Birthday time!

I made up this poem called 'Birthday time':

The sensations that travel down my spine,
Are tingling with excitement,
All those gifts are mine,
When i see them in my apartment,
My friends are going wild,
The cake looks stunning,
I've forgotten how many times I've smiled,
That's because i'm humming,
There is so much laughter around here,
I've had so much fun,
Its my birthday so lets all cheer,
But wait, its nearly done,
Thank you for coming, it's been great,
Everybody has gone,
And now I'm alone... which I hate!

By Georgia Womack x

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Chinese night!

 Today is my mums birthday... She got lots of lovely prezzies from everybody and lots of cards. My big brother, my sisters, nanna, my auntie and cousin all came round so that we could all have Chinese! Me and one of my sisters made a cake for her, it looked like this!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

egg thrower

Look I'm the egg thrower out of Britains got talent some people on the blog might like it and might not but I'm sorry !!!!!!

Hilltop! :)

Hi everyone! As promised I have put on the photos of me very extreme reading! I went to Hilltop during the holidays and read on the climbing walls, power fan and super swing!!! I went with my brother, Mum and Dad (only me and my brother went on things) for half a day- as it's expensive! I hope you like them and please, please, please comment on what you think of them as I worked hard on them!
Thanks, Eleanor :)

This has ruined the show !!!!!

How terrible this is really silly why would they do such a thing? Just watch this.
I don't agree with this why is she doing it ?BOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday and today

Yesterday after dancing me and Katie went to the Phoenix swimming pool for a fun session . After that I went round Katie's for tea . Then Katie came round mine for a sleepover . Today my parents went to Norwich so I am round Katie's right now !!!!

Goalkeeping!!! (and shoes :)

I did a new goal keeping club- all by myself as my friend didn't want to come with me -on Friday after school!!! It went really well!!! It was at lynn grove 5:30-6:30.

 I really enjoyed it! First we just did goalkeeping drills, after that we merged with the soccer schools to have a match with them- as they're on the other side of the pitch when we train. The man said they don't do that usually and just do drills. I don't mind at all at this as I'm very excited to learn new tricks and tips.

 I leart three new things there yesterday:
* The goalkeeper stance
* How to catch the ball( hands in a W shape :)  )
* Always to run out to make the goal smaller: you have a better chance of saving it!

Anyway, I've been trying to put these pictures on the blog of me VERY EXTREME READING!!! My computer kept going rubbish and freezing whenever I tried to open the file. Anyway I think it'll work now and I HOPE there'll be some on here soon! (sorry for completely changing the subject but im going to do it again)

I got some new converses yesterday and I love them very much! I have to look after them though, otherwise they'll become tattered and dirty. I did the laces up in a strange way to make them look different! Here they are:


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Lyn Grove summer school

I am doing the Lyn Grove summer school . One of things I am going to do is see a west end show in London!, I have never been to London .Me and Katie are going together . Is anybody else doing the Lyn Grove summer school , if so please please comment below !

Friday, 7 June 2013


At the disco I asked Taylor A  out but he shouted NOOOOOO!!!!! but i want to go out with someone

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Freya admitted (you will be SHOCKED)


I couldn't believe it!

I go on the blog regularly and I don't like seeing no new posts!
Thank you to the people who have previously blogged and KEEP BLOGGING!

Extreme reading!!

Hi, I was bored so I thought I'm going to do some extreme reading! The last one I am under the table, the middle one, I am upside down on my sofa and the first one I am under a cabinet! Thx for looking bye xx.     Millie xx 

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Freddie's dribbling masterclass


Hiya, a few days ago I bought some new slip-on shoes. They are from New Look.
I've worn them for the past 2 days! They go with anything as there is so many colours contained in the pattern. I love them... Please comment if you like them too!