Monday, 29 April 2013


                           Today I got woken up by my cat Dippy.
                           I was happily sleeping when I got soaked
                           with milkshake,Dippy had spilt my milkshake.
                            It went every where including MY HEAD so I
                            had to get in the shower and wash my hair. So
                             I was in a big rush I don't know why he was near
                              my milkshake.
                                     Well I am sorry if I bored you byeee
                                        Please tell me if you cant read this I hope you can 

                                           I done this one just in case you could not read it

                                         Today I got woken up by my cat Dippy.
                                          I was happily sleeping when I got soaked
                                          with milkshake, Dippy had spilt my milkshake.
                                           It went every where including MY HEAD so I
                                            had to get in the shower and wash my hair. So
                                            I was in a big rush I don't know why he was near
                                             my milkshake.
                                              Well I am sorry if I bored you byeee


Sunday, 28 April 2013


Hi, I have been writing some poems about stuff! Here they are:
I hope you like them!

The Author's Joke Book Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Now, for some of my blogs I'll be writing a couple of jokes.

Hope you enjoy them!!! From the creator:
Jake Butcher.

For my 1st joke to begin my blog;

  1. (Q) where do Pirates do their shopping?

Extreme reading

Hehe me and my sis reading x

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Joey Essex

I love joey Essex x and I am soooo jealous of Freya as she's going to MEET HIM!!! They are going in the shops where they filmed the only way is Essex!

I've asked Freya to get his autograph for me and for him to write:

To Georgia,


Blog Questitions

New idea for posts - Extreme reading

I've had an idea for a new theme for blog posts - Extreme reading. The idea is that you have photos of yourselves and your family taken reading in strange places. For example, when you are somewhere on holiday or in an unusual place. Please remember to be safe and give your blog posts the title 'Extreme Reading'. Mr Loome

Friday, 26 April 2013

Graffiti bookmarks...

As you may know, Elise is doing some bookmarks for everyone! I hope you all liked them and Millie can do them and so can I now! I did one a minute ago to put on my door . It's not as good as Elise's but oh well! It says Gia and the other one says Freya x

Comment if you like it xx

Love from

Doctor Who by Jake Butcher & Louis Hubbard

Doctor Who

"Clara," Called the Doctor "I'm packing our bags for a holiday in the Canary Islands. That is all."  K-9, who was awaiting commands, shot open the TARDIS doors and was sucked into a black hole.

How will K-9 survive?

What will happen? 

To find out, wait until our next blog. Which Louis will be writing!!!!!

The true story of Sherlock Holmes by Jake Benjamin Scott (Butcher)

Sherlock Holmes
by Jake Butcher.

Chapter 1:

One day in the London market, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were  trying to find the Bobby, the localist pub within the city of London. Where they will get drinks paid by Chief Inspector LeStrade.

LeStrade was a slightly overweight man who always seemed to be smoking either a cigarette, a cigar or in some cases a pipe. LeStrade was in the armed forces he thought in the Crimean war and lots of others.

That is all for this time.


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What am I going to write about? by jake butcher

What Am I Going To Write About

What am I going to write about?
That's what I'm going to write about!
Not knowing what I'm going to write about

Saturday, 20 April 2013


As most of you may know, my cousin, Jay, did a skydive today for a disease called Motor Neurons because a family friend is suffering from it. So at 12:30 he jumped out of a plane. He was extremely scared of heights but now, he says that he's not as scared of heights as he was before!

Jay raised more than 800 pounds to go towards Motor Neurons disease (thank you to everyone who sponsored him!)

Here are some photos of Jay at the air field, he was over the moon with himself for doing it...

Well done Jay xx

My day today!!

Hi everyone, I have only just woke up and today, my mum and I are going to Norwich to spent some of my money!!!

I am going to get one of those old fashioned bag and a black hat!! I am also going into Clare's to get some stuff and I will use my £10 gift voucher from Elise!!

Thx for reading bye xxxxx

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Hillside vs woodlands

Mrs martins requested for me to write the final score to the year 6 girls football match.

Toby was there to support us and so were family members, it was strange seeing everyone again as most of them used to come to hillside!

I had to keep my eye on a girl called Abigail and without her the woodlands team are hopeless!

I did 3 headers! Eleanor was a fantastic goalie who did some amazing saves, the team were brilliant too. The overall score was...

7-0 to woodlands :(
We tried our hardest and the weather was horrible anyway.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Level 6 Maths Revision

Hi guys,

there is now a slide show on the maths blog for those doing the level 6 paper to help with revision.

Mr Loome

Gentleman, Goat Remix

Hi i was i youtube and i found 2 really cool videos that i want to share with you
so here they are

1. This video is called Gentleman by PSY, PSY made this
song called Gangnam style, so a couple of days ago i found it so im gonna share it
with you.

2. This time i will show you 2 Goat Remix videos.

Thanks for reading and watching these videos

Friday, 12 April 2013


Today I have Katie round and we are going swimming at the Phoenix swimming pool . Also tonight I have my show at the pavilion  . I am doing it again tomorrow  afternoon and tomorrow night .

Monday, 8 April 2013

Pleasure Wood Hills

Hello again! Tomorrow at 9:30 me, Millie, Dad, Freya, Amy, Anna, Dina, Daniel, Ethan and Julie are  all going to Pleasure Wood Hills! I am defiantly going on Wipeout and the new big ride like Wipeout too! I hope we all have fun and will blog all about it after xxx

Georgia x

Sunday, 7 April 2013


I was looking at pictures on the internet when I saw this one. I thought it was really cute and really funny at the same time.
Please comment if you find it
  • Cute
  • Funny
  • scary
  • cute and funny
  • cute and scary
  • scary and funny
  • Cute funny and scary
                                      Sorry if I bored you byeeee

I went out with my nanny and grandad

Yesterday I went to Oasis camel center at Halesworth with my nanny and grandad. I had a great day out I hope you like my photos of what I did there.

 This was a fun day out with my nanny and grandad I hope this will make u go there it was the first time it was open

Saturday, 6 April 2013

My blog

Hiya guys,

I would really, really appreciate it if you went on my blog and commented! I have only just got it up and running, so there's only one post on there, but there will be more soon! Once again, I would love it if you went to: 

okay, thanks bye :)

Friday, 5 April 2013

Emmy's amazing blog

I know I wrote about this yesterday , but I would really appreciate if you guys went on my blog and commented  thanks xxx

Doogle diaries

Hi it's Doogle,
Today I woke up really early it was about 6.00am. At about 7.00am mummy came down to feed me it was so nice. Then Isabella came down and gave me a huge hug as Isabella gave me a hug I decided to give her a big sloppy lick. When Isabella was dressed they took Dippy ( the cat) to the vets. 

                            That wasn't my whole day it was just my morning

                        Well thank you for reading speak to you soon

Thursday, 4 April 2013

:( :(

Today I was playing on my ipod when I dropped it on the carpet luckily it did not break. Then later on I was playing on it again and fell over, the ipod went flying fell on to the wooden floor and cracked. So now when I go some where and I take my ipod I have to put sellotape on the cack.

Here is a  picture of my cracked ipod  :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
And I need to know if that is how you spell sellotape because the internet said that is how you spell it bt the blog said its not!!!!!!!!

Emmys amazing blog

Hi guys  I have my own blog page now. Please vist and leave a comment.

Easter :)

On Easter day, after me and my brother had eagerly received some chocolate, we -my family- decided to go for a refreshing walk and a delicious picnic!!! The destination we were going to was Dunwich!! But you sortof pronounce it like
Dun-ich. I don't know why they'd put a silent w in it?! Dont you think it seems a little pointless? Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures of Dunwich! (Dun-ich) :) Please comment your thoughts on Dunwich or Dun ich!!!


My brother was cleaning his room out and he put the dirty washing on the floor my mum picked it and as usual she  put it in the wash when the wash was finished there was my brothers phone but now the phone has been cleaned 
I know I have not blogged for along time the reason is that my internet was not working. I could not go on my laptop for 4 days so that's why i have not blogged for a long time. Luckily my internet is back yay so i will be blogging again.

                                        Well sorry if i board you byeeeeeeeee



As hardly any of you know, I'm now going to tell you what's going on!!

I have been sick 4 times yesterday and Elise was sick Saturday as well so we are the sick sisters!!

Hehe bye xxxx

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Toby update!

I think most of you know I've got a baby cousin called Toby! He can walk now and he loves playing football-he can join our team!

Monday, 1 April 2013