Sunday, 30 September 2012

The votes are in...

The school council votes are in, have been counted and checked and I'm pleased to say that we have four new school council members who I am sure will do a great job. Who are they? You'll have to wait and see tomorrow...


i am sitting hear watching Doctor who scoffing   my face with a box heroes how lovely now i feel sick

please writ or comment thanx
 Hi everybody !!!!!! I love blogging  tell me if you love blogging too!  And is everybody ok ?


hiya is every one OK what shall i do because my dad a sleep and mums some wear in the house and my brother has gore for a 11 mils walk....................... 

Saturday, 29 September 2012


IM SOOOOOO BORED  have nothing to do

cheese puff poem (grace this is for you!!)

i think ive got a problem with cheese puff

hold me
eat me they say
science is my favourite subject
english is my next says one
puff me up and ill float away
umbrellas i invented them
float away little cheese puff
FLOAT AWAY!!!!!!!!

I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY EXCITED because my birthday is on monday!!!!!! :) I have no idea what I am getting and I am getting suspicious because there are boxes with tea towels over appearing in my mums room! :) Plus I am being 11 and i will be the only 11yr old in the whole school! :)

Friday, 28 September 2012

Louis here

hello Louis here is everyone OK. Are you going to watch Doctor Who tomorrow which I am. Unfortunately my sister has got some of here friends sleeping so I am probably not going to get to sleep easily tonight as they make a LOT OF NOISE! 

Thursday, 27 September 2012

3rd Blog!

3rd Blog!

Just made Mum upset because I ate some of her aniversery chocolates and Dads grumpy because we have to pick Rowan up at 6:00 for the Lynn Grove Opening Evening! Can't wait until 6:00! The competition that my sister is hosting is gonna be a blast! Hoping that everyone takes part in the competition and has a bundle of fun like I am going to!
Comment if you are goign to Lynn grove at the end of the year and if you are going to take part in the competition!

2nd Blog On A Different Laptop!

This laptop SuCkS at Loading..... so annoyed!
This blog will probably take AGES to post on the Yr 6 Blog. Don't Forget that tonight is the Lynn Grove Opening Evening! My sister is now making a competition for who can make the best School Council sign, comment if you are going to Lynn Grove and if you are going to enter my sisters competition.
I am!


Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Hi guys! I'm very excited to announce that we are now part of Quad 131 which means that we will soon be blogging with 3 other schools. I am the co-ordinator of this quad so will be able to keep you updated with when it will all start as soon as I hear back from the other 3 schools. Have a little look at their blog sites and get ready for some blogging fun!

St Lukes CE Primary School

Kingswood Primary School

Fieldhead Carr Primary School

Hi Evie c here!

Hi Evie c here is everybody alright?
I hope so anyway blog me back please and comment please

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Freddie at the park


Welcome Bloggers!

Welcome to our new set of bloggers! It is great to see some of you getting involved already, I hope that you can continue it throughout the year and make this blog amazing!
Thanks for all your enthusiasm and hard work, I want you all blogging like pros when it is our turn to pass the blog!

Have a look here as this will be our job in February!

What is?

Hi all, great to see you all starting to blog. I know Mr Loome has put a lot of hard work into setting up this blog for you all to use.

I would like you to tell me through the blog what is your favourite activity in PE lessons. At the moment I am really enjoying teaching you Outdoor and Adventurous Activities.

Oh well xxx

I just made Elise feel much better by putting my name as...M... 


2nd post

2nd post

Yay got 2nd post! Been on here since I got home.  My brother supost to be sick but he's playing on wii and wrestling me! Can't believe him! Also my sister is hogging the TV and putting rubbish on. So I get stuck with a laptop that writes twice as slow as a normal one!


Oh no... i've just accsedendly put my name as... e... curse me!!!

1st blog

 It is my first day on the blog !
I walked home with Rhianonn today for the first time !
My keyboard book came today I  am  going to practise on my keyboard !