Friday, 8 March 2013

Poem about Miranda Hart

Oh Miranda,
My dear reader chum,
I'd go with Gary,
Maybe he's the one!
Stick with ol' Stevie,
She'll be by your side,
bear with, bear with,
I think you should have lied!
Oh such fun,
Like soap in a shower,
Ohhh where is it?!,
Under the tower!
I meant to do that,
As I went up the stairs,
I've done too much dares!
A horse dog breeder,
Wow how strange,
But that's what you said,
So please don't complain!
I'm coming to the end,
I hope you miss me
As I will miss you!

Miranda you are such a funny role model! X I've sent a letter to you as have Millie and Elise! Please comment x

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