Friday, 8 March 2013

Millie Diaries!

Hiya guys, I will be doing some Millie diaries because I have no animals and so I only have myself to write about soo, off I go!

Hi, today I woke up to a screaming mum and a angry brother. They were trying to wake me up. I just stayed in bed pretending I was asleep. Don't you just hate it when you are sleeping nicely and then...... MILLIE, WAKE UP! Sooooooo annoying! Anyway getting on...

I eventually got up because I got a bit annoyed . I'm sooo not a morning person. I got dressed and sleepily went downstairs to munch on my bagel.

Half an hour later, I prepared my lunch box. I trudged back upstairs and scrubbed my teeth. I quickly tied my hair up because we hardly had any time left.

We finally left for school and dropped my brother off first and then me.

You know what happened in Year 6, don't you? So there is no need to explain!

Thx for reading this, well if you did read this! I will do one on maybe... Sunday. Bye xxxxxx

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