Friday, 8 March 2013

Doogle's day

Hi it's me Doogle again today I woke up and went out side to play I had fun
chasing all the colourful birds. Then I went in because I heard Isabella coming
 down the stairs I go mad when I see Isabella. Today for breakfast I had sloppy
 food I love it, it always tastes like meat. After Isabella had gone to school I went
to sleep I love my sleep because I always have good dreams. Then mummy came
back and loved me then she went to pick Isabella from school. After mummy had
 picked up Isabella I decided   to annoy Isabella by stepping on her laptop. Next I
 went to sleep again after my little sleep I played with Isabella for ages. Then I
went to sleep that was my day it was mostly sleeping but sleeping is good.
                           Byeeeeeeeee talk to you soon

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