Friday, 8 March 2013


Hiya guys,
As you may well know, I am in love with Miranda (not in that way) and I always recite things that she has said on her series of 'Miranda'. I just wanted to know, who else loves Miranda? If you don't, who's your role model?

Lovely talking to you all, bye x


  1. I'm a MASSIVE fan... I love her book: is it just me , the best chapter I think is Office!
    Anyway... I love her 2 (not in that way!) but I think u r the biggest fan. Thanks my dear reader chums!

  2. my role model i jessica ennis

  3. I find Miranda really really funny and I like the episode when she has all the kitten the name were so funny I also want to know who you think she is going to say yes to marry him.