Sunday, 10 March 2013

Isabella's party.

It has been sooooo fun these past two days (Saturday and Sunday), because we went round Isabella's house! At 1:30 and a lady called Ria came round and painted our nails and put on face packs. Afterwards, we went to bough hall for dinner. Me, Georgia and Eleanor had a MASSIVE burger and, as a dare, we ate Tabasco sauce... A big risk (it is sooooo spicy, it literally burns, we had 3 drinks!) We came back and, well, we stayed up. Me, Millie and Georgia, were the last ones asleep but we finally got to sleep at 3:50. I had soooo much fun and so did everyone else!!

Isabella's cake that my mum made...
Millie Roper laying on the bed with Ria applying her face pack...

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