Wednesday, 20 February 2013

It didn't mention that on the packet... 100wc

"AHHHHH!" I heard deafening screams coming from the kitchen. I sprinted down the stairs, my heart was thumping rapidly, It was nearly in my mouth. I scurried into the old, decaying kitchen dreading what was to come. I found my mother laying on the concrete floor, lifeless and ruby red. Perched beside her was a flapjack, half bitten and spat out. Then it hit me, I could faintly identify a nut, two nuts, three nuts. I immediately called 911 and they rushed Mom into the ambulance. Just before shutting the doors, Mom muttered "it didn't mention that on the packet."

By Elise.

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  1. Hello Elise - well done for this excellent and realistic 100wc. It's so important for food products to state whether they contain nuts - it can be potentially lethal for people who suffer from a nut allergy. Your writing captures this danger very vividly - top writing!
    Mr Kenyon (Team 100wc)