Sunday, 25 November 2012

"The Sun"

Don't you think the sun is bright?
I wonder where it goes at night?
Does it sleep or does it hide?
Or is the moon its other side?

Does it hide behind the hills?
Late at night as outside chills?
Do you think it needs to rest?
From all that warming it does best?

Could it even have a home?
Maybe in London or even in Rome?
Or does it just float around?
Moving slowly from town to town?

Yes, I think it must do that!
After all the earth's not flat.
So the sun goes round and round
Spreading sunshine on the ground!


  1. I like this poem because, it is very philosophical.
    Maybe you could not highlight the text, because it is hard to read.

  2. I it really nice but maybe like a lice said you could change the colour of the text

  3. I like your poem it is very Philosophical

  4. Very good rhymes but don't highlight the writing next time it is hard to read