Friday, 2 November 2012

pleasure beach!!! :)

On Halloween I went to the pleasure beach with my friend Matilda. I always used to hate rides but now I love them because I conquered my fear of roller coasters and cant get enough of them! I went on it with her 7 times and each time we raced to get to the back but someone always beat us to it! On the pictures we looked really odd because some people from heart FM were doing face paints! I was a zombie and she was a skeleton and we were dressed up too! We're on the heart FM website: 

I also went on all of the rides except evolution and sky drop! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM ALL!

hope everyone's having a great holiday and see you all on Monday! :)


  1. I looked on the heart FM sight and are you the one in the skeleton outfit?

  2. No, I am the zombie :)